Genshin 04 - 7/31/21

From the bishojokitsune channel

Published: 07/31/2021
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A clip from the bishojokitsune channel on Twitch

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What they want is like, see, I can't really say, like, minutes watch, like, youtube, the YouTube platform, because I don't even think Twitch really lets you have that metric. I don't recall. I need to check exactly. Like, I don't want to say, quote, unquote safe gambling, but it's basically gambling without you having to, like, pay. Like your pay is optional. I mean, sure, like, you can fit people, but that's optional. Like, you mean, Hoyo doesn't really know what they want, but they the metrics that they're trying to get are like the wrong ones. And like, they have no excuses because they're a big company. Like, what they're supposed to do is hire a marketing person who who knows this facet of social media. And it's not like that's hard to find. Like, I just think they also just don't know what to ask for either.