KlipTok - Social Media Fun for Twitch Clips

KlipTok was designed to help make video clips from Twitch much more discoverable. This site should make interacting with creators and viewers over clips an interesting and fun experience.

KlipTok is the product of Jeffrey T. Fritz (@csharpfritz) and is being made available to help you discover other creators, and to help creators be discovered by more viewers. If you would like to change your opt-in / opt-out status, click to your profile page and KlipTok will index your clips or stop indexing your clips and hide them as you wish. By default, KlipTok will index clips of creators that viewers request to be added.

You can provide feedback about the KlipTok application and discuss upcoming features on our user-feedback site at feedback.kliptok.com

Feature updates, architecture discussion, and news about KlipTok can be found on the KlipTok Blog and you can follow KlipTok on Twitter for the latest updates.

KlipTok was built entirely with .NET 7, Blazor Web Assembly, Azure Functions, Azure Static Websites, Azure Storage, and Azure Search.

Here are some of KlipTok's most recent popular clips

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